About the Blog

This blog was made for three girls. Tonya, Steph, and Olga. We all talk on twitter and are constantly sending each other pics of polishes or simply talking about it. Well it’s very hard to keep up. We don’t want to have to ask each other 5 times which color they were talking about a week ago. So we decided to make this blog. We can post our pictures, keep track of colors we like or want or have. And if anything it’s a great way to keep our pictures stored. Although we’re pretty sure we’ll be the only ones ever visiting we wanted to write this about page for anyone that stumbles by.

About the 3 Girls that Run This Blog

Tonya – I’m a 21 year old college student. I love books, movies, and tv. I just recently started to get into nail polish. My love for it started out mildly until I started talking to Steph and Olga and now it’s safe to say it’s out of control. I now adore nail polish, I love reading all the blogs, and knowing what colors are coming out when. I have a small collection but it’s growing very fast. I mostly wanted this place so I could show Steph and Olga my new polishes and have them stored somewhere.

Steph – A self-confessed beauty addict, I consider myself to be a connoisseur of nail polish, lipgloss, and blush. My obsession with nail polish began at a young age, when I would follow my mother to her manicures, falling in love with nail polish in the process. My first attempt at painting my own nails ended in a cracked bottle, nails that looked a bit like they were bludgeoned (Chanel Vamp), and an unhappy mother. Since then, my love for nail polish has grown, and it has become a bit of an unhealthy obsession. I’ve joked to Olga and Tonya that I’m a bit of a ‘nail polish purist’. Meaning that I tend to lean towards soft baby pinks on my tips (Essie’s Mademoiselle, natch) and reds for my toes (NYC Imperial Red). I’ve begun branching out a bit, thanks, in part, to Tonya and Olga, and will be chronicling my forays into different polish here.

Olga –


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