Posted by: Tonya.Steph.Olga | November 30, 2010

Fifth Avenue – China Glaze

Fifth Avenue by China Glaze is a rosy pink. At least that’s the best way I can describe it. This color reminds me of something, I know it is IDENTICAL to something but I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it was the color of someone’s room I knew or something, but it’s just really bothering me that I can’t figure out what this color reminds me of. Anyways, this is another example of me buying things because of their names. I thought it was cute… yeah. I think I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t like this color. I mean there is nothing wrong with it but I feel it is so…. old. I mean I had it on for two days and every time I caught a glance of my hand it felt like I was looking at the hand of someone twice my age. It isn’t youthful or modern or anything that I think China Glaze captures well. I think it’s a great color for someone older that maybe wants something work safe but this isn’t a color I look at and think ‘Oh fun’ or anything positive, honestly. If anything it goes on very well as does most China Glaze polishes does but this polish just doesn’t do it for me in the slightest. I think I may give it to my aunt or something.




  1. Yeah I understand what you’re saying!! First of all I do the same thing with the names!! I would have probably bought it too because of the name!! 😛 And also I have a similar one and I can wear it very easy.. Seriously it’s not a fun color but I kinda like it with your skin color. It’s cute. 🙂
    Well I guess your aunt is the lucky one!! She’s getting a new nail polish with a great name!! lol

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