Posted by: Tonya.Steph.Olga | November 29, 2010

The Louboutin Manicure

Wow. Where to start? From the beginning I guess. So I was at Sally’s (isn’t this how every post of mine starts out? Anyways…) and I was looking at polishes and I saw one called “Lubu Heels” I picked it up immediatly because let’s face it, China Glaze rules when it comes to naming polishes. When I looked it over I decided it was simply too vampy for my current mood so I had put it back. That night I’m looking at some blogs and I stumble upon “Also Known As”‘s blog where she discusses this polish and she mentioned The LouBoutin Manicure. Well from that moment I decided I must have it. I went out, I bought it, and then embarked on this insanly annoying manicure. I started out confident but my confidence died down the moment I started to apply “Ruby Pumps” to the underside of the nail. Let’s just say there is a reason most people do this on fake nails. It was a mess. I got it on, put on “Lubu Heels” and then I decided I had to redo it because it simply was just a mess. “Ruby Pumps” was everywhere and I was messed up “Lubu” while trying to fix “Ruby Pumps”. Let me just say that getting polish off from underneath your nail is no easy task. It was horrifically hard but eventually I got it all off. Then I started all over again, this time more precise with “Ruby Pumps”. Also I recommend when you do this, after you get on “Ruby Pumps” to wipe off the small bit that gets on the front side of your nail. It will build up and look terrible. Once I was finished with this I couldn’t even talk about it because it had just been so stressful and difficult. So today, one day later, I can look at this manicure without the frustration I had yesterday. First off let me say, I’ve seen pictures of other Louboutin manicures and they always use the brightest red and the blackest black and I always thought it looked harsh, tacky, and dated so using these two polishes, like it said on “Also Known As”, I think really updates it. It isn’t harsh and I think makes it look a little more modern. I’m also loving this color, Lubu Heels. I think if you want a “black” polish without having scary black this is perfect. So will I do this again? Probably. Any time soon? No.


  • Base Beauty Secret
  • Seche Vite Top Coat
  • 2 Coats of “Ruby Pumps”
  • 3 Coats of “Lubu Heels”


  1. i think you did a fab job! at least you attempted it, haha i still haven’t! thanks for the shout out ❤

  2. Despite your frustration, I thought this turned out fab. Love it! And yes, Lubu pumps is just gorge.

  3. OMG!! This is SO awesome!!! I absolutely adore Louboutin and this is just perfect!! hehe.. Ok I understand your frustration and after all this I dont know if I’ll ever try it myself.. but just wow..I LOVED it!!
    I really want this in my nails but I dont know if I can make it though all of this!! lol xD
    Is it any other easier way to do it?? 😛
    Great job and post!! ❤

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