Posted by: Tonya.Steph.Olga | November 26, 2010

Finger Paints – Private Collection

Ok so today is Black Friday as most people know and I went to Sally’s because I had a coupon, $5 off a $20 purchase. I knew I wanted to get a few polishes. I really wanted “Frosty” by China Glaze and I had gone to Sallys quite a few times with no luck. They’re always out. It was frustrating as it was today. So I spent a very long time trying to pick out polishes I want but I still couldn’t get over that they don’t have “Frosty”. Finger Paints were on sale for $3.99 so I took a look. I normally don’t buy Finger Paints. Why? No reason, actually. Only because I was unfamiliar with the product and was much more comfortable with China Glaze. I saw that Finger Paints had something that looks very similar to “Frosty” so I bought it, “Private Collection.” It is a white, sheer polish. Although it looks sparkly its not too sparkly, and its not course at all. Its more frosted. It has a bit of a “rainbow” sheen to it but I really really like it. ย First off it goes on SO smoothly. It’s not too thick, its not to thin, its actually nice. The brush wasn’t too wide or too skinny. I was very happy with it and now I wonder why I haven’t been trying out Finger Paints from the beginning. I love the color of this polish, its very shear and I had to put on quite a few coats. Maybe 5? 6? And I already put it on thickly. Was I surprised? No. I knew I’d have to put on a lot of coats because look at it, its not meant to be a one coater at all. It took quite a while to dry but other than that I have no problem with this polish. This isn’t a part of the Holiday Collection but I think its a wonderful color for the winter. I ย plan to keep this around for a long time, plus its a nice change of pace from my deep color habit.


  • Beauty Secrets Base Cost
  • Seche Vite Top Coat
  • 5 coats
  • Purchased at Sally Beauty Supplies for $3.99 (on sale)





  1. Awww..this is so gorgeous!!!! Love it!!
    But omg!! 5 coats?? :O ..that’s
    It really looks like Frosty!! .. I want it too! But I dont think we have fingerpaints here.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .. And if we have I dont know where.. ๐Ÿ˜›
    So I’ll go to China Glaze tomorrow hoping that I’ll find Frosty!! hehe..
    I think it’s a wondrful color for winter and holidays too! .. And yes I want one like this so I can change a bit from my dark polishes!! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Also this will be really great for konad stamps!!! I have one that you can make snowflakes and I believe this is the BEST color for that!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I need to find one too!! hehe..
    Thank youuuu!! I’ve been thinking what polish to use for snowflakes and you gave me the answer!! lol xD
    Awesome post!!

    • You should do frosty as a base and then do the snowflake with a white ๐Ÿ˜€ because i heard you should only konad with things that are more of a one coater. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out!

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