Posted by: Tonya.Steph.Olga | November 21, 2010

Positive Energy OPI w/ Pure Ice

So I desperately want to wear “Ruby Pumps” Matted for Thanksgiving and since I like to change my nail polish pretty much daily I had to take it off yesterday so I could wear it Thursday. It’s replacement, I decided would be “Positive Energy” by OPI Nicole.

It is a very silver metallic color and it is completely a one coater. This was actually my first polish that started this current nail polish craze. I really like it, its very simple, and it does the job. No weird glitter, no funny undertones. Simply silver metallic.  It’s very cute but will chip terribly without a good top coat. But then I decided to add this glitter  polish to it. It’s called “Pure Ice Beware.”

I once described this as “it looks like someone crushed diamonds and put them on your nails”. It’s very pretty and like the metallic, its simple, it does its job, no weird glitter or odd undertones. It’s exactly as it appears to be in the bottle. I had put on a very thick top coat and let it dry but it was a disaster. As you can see in one of the thumbnails at the top of this post it drags right off. I put it on this morning and 6 hours later my nails are a mess. I know this is the culprit so I would recommend a very thin coat. I once put this on top of “Suzi & The Lifeguard” by OPI and it was so cute so this can really go on top of anything but I think on top of “Positive Energy” is just a must. Because of the mishap I had with the dragging I’ll have to take it off and put on something new (I think that means another post tomorrow). So learn from me. use THIN coats because it will just drag right off.



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