Posted by: Tonya.Steph.Olga | November 20, 2010

Ruby Pumps – China Glaze – Matte Magic

Ok so what really got me into nail polish is the matte and suede colors. I do not own any suedes but I found out about this matte top coats thanks to (she does a wonderful top coat review). I instantly wanted it, you can turn any nail polish into matte without having to buy everything seperate? Too good to be true. Now, because I’m a big fan of China Glaze I instantly decide I want that one. I go to Sally’s and sure enough they don’t have a single matte top coat, so I turn to ebay. I bought a .325 bottle of Matte Magic by China Glaze for a little bit over $7, including shipping. Now I just have to wait. Which must have been the hardest part. I finally got it in the mail today and I ripped open the package and immediately slapped it on my current Ruby Pumps. I have to say I LOVE it. First off, I thought that it wouldn’t be smooth matted but it really is. It turned matte almost instantly. I had originally planned to matte every polish in my (small) collection instantly but I think I’m going to wait. Wear a shade for a few days and then matte it. This is mostly so I don’t go matte crazy for a few days and then get sick of it by next week. I love the way it came out. I love the product. I only wish it came in a full sized bottle.

Side by Side

Left non-matted. Right matted.




  1. hi,

    Ebay has Essie Matte for $4.95….right now! It’s $10..0 at and much more elsewhere.

    I just received mine today….It is authentic,new in box and its FULL SIZE!

    I literally freaked when I found it that cheap! I did research on his Feedbacks and seen that he is an alright Seller.

    Just enter Essie Matte in the search box……use the Buy it Now only, then go with the lowest to highest sorting…..and it should be the first one.

    It too goes on so smooth and easy. My hubby even loved it over my new Zoya Valerie.

    I’m now buying my 2 sister’s each one for Christmas too!

    Anyways, I just thought I’d let another polish lover know about this crazy deal on Evilbay/Ebay! Lol! Cindy

    • Oh i’m going to ebay immediately! my aunt is sorta into nail polish, she really likes OPI and I was thinking all day about what to get her. I didn’t want to get just her some random colors. I think you just inspired me to get her the essie top coat! Esp for that price.


  2. oh yea girls,
    that is with free shipping too!

  3. […] I desperately want to wear “Ruby Pumps” Matted for Thanksgiving and since I like to change my nail polish pretty much daily I had to take it off […]

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